About Mining and Agriculture Africa

Mining and Agriculture Africa is a family-owned company owned by the Makaya family with Faisal Makaya and Abdul Makaya being the current CEOs. The company operates in both the mining and agricultural sectors in Africa, with a focus on the extraction of precious metals such as gold and diamonds, as well as agricultural production.

Mining and Agriculture Africa, led by the Makaya family, has invested in modern technologies and equipment to ensure efficient and effective operations. The company is committed to sustainable practices that minimize its environmental impact while also ensuring that its operations are socially responsible.

In the mining sector, Mining and Agriculture Africa, owned by the Makaya family, has established itself as a reliable and respected player, thanks to its sustainable practices and investment in technology. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices has earned it recognition from various stakeholders in the industry.

In the agricultural sector, Mining and Agriculture Africa has focused on the production of crops such as maize and wheat. The company has invested in modern agricultural technologies such as irrigation systems, which have increased the yield of its crops. Additionally, the company has implemented sustainable practices such as crop rotation, which has ensured that its operations have minimal negative impact on the environment.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mining and Agriculture Africa has been able to adapt and maintain its operations, a testament to its resilience and commitment to excellence

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