mining exploration

Exploration Services

Mine exploration involves assessing the mineral resources and potential risks of a mining site before starting operations.


Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys involve measuring and mapping the physical properties of the subsurface, such as seismic waves, magnetic fields, and electrical conductivity.

geochemical analysis

Geochemical Analysis

Geochemical analysis involve analyzing the chemical properties of rocks, soil, and water to determine their composition and characteristics.

drilling and sampling

Drilling and Sampling

Drilling and sampling involve extracting core samples of rocks and soil to analyze their composition and determine subsurface conditions.

mine development

Mine Development Service

Mine development involves designing and constructing infrastructure and facilities to access, extract, and process mineral resources from a mining site.

mineral processing services

Mineral Processing Services

Mineral processing involves crushing, grinding, and separating minerals from ore to produce valuable metals and other materials for industrial use.

metal recovery

Metals Recovery and Refining

Metals recovery and refining involve extracting and purifying metals from ores and other sources to produce high-quality finished products.

ore processing and concetration

Ore Processing and Concentration

Ore processing and recovery involve extracting valuable minerals and metals from ore using various techniques such as grinding, flotation, and leaching.

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