Phosphate Mining

As one of the top miners of phosphate in North Africa, our company is dedicated to providing high-quality phosphate products to clients around the world. Our expertise in the industry has earned us a reputation for reliability and efficiency, making us a preferred choice for businesses looking to source phosphate products

Our Popular Phosphate Mines In North Africa


Bou Craa mine in Western Sahara

Khouribga mine in Morocco

Khouribga mine in Morocco

Gafsa mine in Tunisia

Gafsa mine in Tunisia

Production Process

Phosphate is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in large deposits in North Africa. The process of extracting phosphate involves the use of large mining equipment and machinery to dig up the mineral-rich rock from the ground. The phosphate rock is then transported to a processing plant, where it is crushed and refined to extract the valuable phosphate minerals.

Once the phosphate minerals have been extracted, they are typically processed into different forms, including fertilizer and industrial chemicals. Fertilizer is one of the most common uses for phosphate, as it is an essential nutrient for plant growth. Industrial chemicals, such as phosphoric acid and sodium tripolyphosphate, are also important products that are derived from phosphate.

phosphate rock processing


At our company, we are committed to providing our clients with a reliable supply of high-quality phosphate products. We work closely with our mining partners to ensure that we have a steady supply of phosphate, and we have established a robust logistics network to ensure that we can deliver our products to clients around the world.

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